Admin Bar Shortcut Links saves you a lot of clicks while making you able to quickly navigate from your storefront inside Shopify Admin.

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Product Link

If you are seeing a product on Shopify storefront and you feel like you have to make some change? Just click on Edit Product in the Bar and go directly to that product inside Admin.

Page Link

If you have added a static page to your store and you are surfing that page, suddenly you saw a typo in a paragraph and you want to edit it? You don't have to naviage inside admin and then search for that page, Quicly naviagte with Edit Page link on Admin bar.

Edit Collection

When you are on a collection page, you will see Edit Collection link which will lead you inside Admin on that particular collection.

Apps and Themes

Testing an app or just curious about which themes you have available in your store? Or maybe you just want to edit your theme code real quick? Admin Bar Shortcuts got you covered!

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This app is primarily built for Shopify, will be soon available on Shopify App Store.


If you are like me who doesn't like to navigate inside Shopify Admin and find the things I need to change, while looking right at them on storefront? Then this app is for you, it provides you with shortcut links right on storefront to quickly navigate inside admin and do exactly the thing that you want to. Saving you few clicks.
Setting up this app is really easy. App is available on Shopify App Store. Click on big green Get button and install it on your store, then you don't have to do anything. It will install those links inside Admin bar itself. In case you want to disable it, there is a features inside app to Disable the App functionality.
I am glad you asked. Shopify doesn't provide hosting for the apps. This fee will pay off the hosting needs of the app and maybe I can get a cup of coffee sometime :) This app will definitely pay off by avoiding you some frustration with clicks.
This app doesn't require any kind of learning. Just install it and see its magic happening right on your storefront. If you are still unsure and want to know more about it, please check section Watch the Video
For any kind of queries, please feel free to contact me at awebartisan@gmail.com
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For any kind of queries feel free to contact me at awebartisan@gmail.com